Interesting Facts About Travel


One of the most popular thing in everyone’s bucket list is to travel around the world. It does nat matter if one wants to travel alone or in a group. Travelling can be stressful at time but it helps unwind all the build up stress. Learning some of these facts might help you plan a better vacation

60% of world’s lakes are in Canada

Being the second largest country in the world, Canada has in total 9% of its surface covered in fresh water. These numbers also include lakes that disappear and reappear, salt lakes with a lot of minerals and larger lakes.

world’s lakes

South Africa has the longest continuos wine route in the World

One of South Africa’s best attraction is its wine routes as it has some of the best attractions due to its agricultural industries. There are many wine tasting held where many people with various wine preferences come together to have a glance at these gorgeous vineyards views.

More than 30 million people in China live in Caves

People living in caves are mostly seen in the dry climate parts of Northwest China. The caves that they live in have some of the most beautiful sculptures are generally characterized into cliff caves, independent caves and underground caves.

A scientific way to make you more happier


According to a study 89% of people report significant drops in the stress levels and increased feeling of intimacy in a relationship. Travelling has also shown benefits where it decreases the development of heart disease and other stress related diseases.

You can actually see two tectonic plates meeting above earth’s surface in Iceland

The North American and Eurasian tectonic plates can be seen on the earth surface in Thingvellir, Iceland. It is one of the most adored beauty of the place as it is considered as a nature lover’s paradise due its awe stuck beauty.

An aerage person consumes 22 pounds of chocolate in Switzerland

Every year an average person consumes 22 pounds of chocolate in Switzerland. It is not surprising as Switzerland is one of the greatest exporter of chocolate in the World.

Salting your food in Egypt is offensive

Salting your food

This simple gesture of adding food to your salt to make it more palatable to your taste buds is seen offensive in Egypt. This is due to the chef thinking that food that was served was not as per your liking.

Some parts of Great wall of china has been made of sticky rice

A research discovered that the mortar that was made in stuck together with the help of sticky rice. This is what makes the whole structure to be strong as it allows you to withstand more damage from all the natural elements.

Interesting Facts About Travel
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